Cover complete ICSE syllabus for class 10 to score well in board exams

Doing well and scoring good marks in the CBSE or the ICSE class 10th exam is a dream of every student. There is no limit to the happiness of the students who are able to actually top these exams or score as much as desired. It is important to remember that this cannot happen overnight. The success achieved is a result of endless sleepless nights, proper time management and proper study schedule. Even our education system demands high result from the students and thus the amount of pressure and the noise created around board exams is huge.

Here we have come up with few essential tips that will help you score better in your upcoming ICSE and CBSE class 10 exams.

The first and the most important step in the ladder of the success is drafting a well planned schedule. You must get all the CBSE and ICSE last 10 years solved question papers and go through them. Ensure that you practice these question papers in the exam pattern as well as in the limited time frame. You can note down your strong as well as weak points to ensure that you are able to eliminate all the weak points before appearing for the exams. You must also clarify all your doubts with your subject teachers and revise as many times as possible before the examination day.

Next you have to dedicate sufficient time for every subject. Know and acknowledge the subjects or chapters that require more time and dedication from your end. Based on the time required as well as the coverage in exam, you’ll have to allot your time.

Further, you have to ensure that you cover the complete CBSE and ICSE syllabus for class 10. In most cases, your schools will brief you about the syllabus for your exams. In case that does not happen, you can search for the syllabus online. You will easily find the syllabus as well as the marks allotted for every chapter.

Next, read the chapters in your text books carefully. Before you jump to any sample papers or the past year question papers, you must read every chapter of your textbook thoroughly. Make notes, short and brief in order to ensure that you have saved a lot of time during days of exams.

Lastly, revise and revise well. You must revise multiple times before appearing for the exams. Preparation will relieve you from the stress and anxiety during exams.


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