Benefits of studying from CBSE sample papers for class 9

Board exams can be stressful. Eliminate the stress by preparing well.

The best means and ways to analyse the preparation of the CBSE exams is by studying from CBSE latest sample papers. These sample papers are prepared by a team of expert professionals and teachers from the education department of CBSE and NCERT. The papers are prepared after a lot of brain storming and are prepared as per the norms that are set by the CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation). There might be a change in the pattern of the syllabus and the questions asked by the CBSE thus it is advisable to refer to the latest study material only.

All the past year question papers, sample papers, guide books and the practice papers are released by CBSE. Thus, if you need to prepare for class 9 exams, then you must study from CBSE sample papers for class 9. You can either buy these sample papers from a local book store or download the same from the official website of the CBSE.  These sample papers are the most crucial aid for scoring better in your CBSE exams.  Moreover, when the students practice from these sample papers, they tend to score better in the exams and are also able to work on the weaker areas.

If you wish to score well in the exams, you must practice at least 15-20 sample papers per subject before appearing for the exams. There are students who aren’t able to keep a tap on time while answering the questions in the examination. When you have a good hold of solving sample papers, you’ll be able to solve all the answers in the stipulated time as with practice your competency to solve questions faster will improve. This will however be possible only if you solve the sample papers in the right time frame and in the allotted time only.

The sample papers will also give you an idea of the pattern of the questions like how many long answer type questions will be asked, how many long answer questions and how many short or one word questions. This will help you in time allotment and you’ll know how much time to allot per question of each type.

All the sample papers as well as your actual questions papers are designed keeping in view the marking scheme of CCE. They follow the complete CBSE syllabus. Thus, if you want to cover the complete CBSE syllabus without failure, studying from sample papers or practice papers, is a good idea.

Hopefully, these tips will help you perform better in your exams!


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