Important tips to clear board exams with CBSE books download

Class 10th examination is the most important stage in a CBSE student’s academic life. There is always a constant pressure to perform well in the board examinations.

Students need to prepare well before the examination by studying various tutorials, solving exam papers, studying RBSE books, doing assignments and going through some critical topics beforehand. Study modules need to be made by the student to solve, analyse, calculate and express their answers. Many of the students depend more on tuitions and syllabus covered in schools rather than self-study to do well in clearing board exams. But there is no replacement of studying on your own. You can prepare notes of the questions and practice them. Notes need to be made by the students to study faster and better during the end moment.

Important attributes of Class 10th Examination

There are various innovative techniques which can be used to clear the exam with merit. Some of the ways are mentioned below.

  1. Find sample papers and previous year board exams online- With the help of internet, you can easily find some sample papers and previous year exams. You must solve the questions in the sample papers in advance in order to prepare well before the exam and develop confidence.
  2. Find Solutions to NCERT books- Generally most of the questions appearing in the board exams come from NCERT books, therefore one must study books and check NCERT solutions of class 10th. This will help you develop a good problem solving ability.
  3. Download books online- Technology is now available at your ease and you can use it to find CBSE books download online .Most of the CBSE books are available for free download.

Use technology to score big in cbse class 10th exams

Nowadays technology plays an important role in changing our education. With the help of internet, nothing is away from reach. Below is the strategy to use technology to your advantage.

  1. Free NCERT solutions are also available online, based on the CBSE syllabus. Most of the textbook solutions of books like RD Sharma and Lakhmir Singh for mathematics and Science can be explored over internet.
  2. You need to check and assess your preparation by resolving each of the self-assessment questions available at the end of the book.
  3. You can even take assistance during preparation from your friend or teacher to help you prepare well for the board exams. Many online websites also provide self-assessment and solutions of problems from CBSE syllabus online. You can choose to go through the board exams and previous year papers online.

The key to securing good percentage and marks in Class 10th lies in your practice, revision and learning efficiency to get higher scores.  There may be various institutes which may offer you assisted preparation but you can use technology to its maximum by following above strategy.


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